Franco-Bolivian, Maurice Manço is the nightmare of brief descriptions: airline pilot, professor, businessman, and motorcyclist, saying that he dips a toe in every discipline is an understatement. He looks all sweet on the outside, all while commanding the respect, all while distinguishing himself by his unconditional love for Bolivia and his eternal white button-up!

With two friends, Maurice founded Moto Andina in 2004, organizing dozens of moto tours for groups of clients from Europe and the USA. The Covid pandemic allowed and forced him to think about his future. Thanks to the initiative of the founder of Moto Trails USA, Moto Andina started a partnership with the American company, creating Moto Trails Bolivia. The sharing of resources of the two companies offers an experience unique for travelers in love with open spaces, all with some common points: same GPS, same saddle bags, same willpower to explore isolated places, same priority on safety.

Moto Trails Bolivia stays loyal to the team that started it all. Hugo Palacios, retired enduro champion and extraordinary mechanic, drives the 4x4 support vehicle. Santos Romero is both chauffeur and guide and knows Bolivia better than anyone. He accompanies Hugo an works to make you discover the hidden treasures of his home country.

In parallel, Moto Trails Bolivia and Moto Trails USA launched a humanitarian aid initiative in Bolivia. A part of the profits from the tours in Bolivia will be directly used to finance education programs in the small villages in Lipez...


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