Bolivians, just as much as the landscapes, contribute to the magic of Bolivia. Their welcome is legendary, and they are able to have a laugh about anything. However, not everything is golden, and many live in precarious conditions.
Without falling into paternalism or pity, we are trying to bring a small help to some traversed regions.

This begins with the simple organization of these trips, spending the night in remote areas where our sole existence gives hope to entire families and villages. The prices of lodging and meals are always paid without negotiations is a very important revenue stream for these people only trying to live decently off of honest work. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to return frequently enough in certain villages, hence why we decided to do a bit more. Between education, health and communication, there is no shortage of projects.

Moto Trails Bolivia therefore pledges to give back 10% of yearly revenue in form of local aid. A summary of these actions will be published on this page and renewed each year.

Our first act, quite symbolically, was to bring books to the school of San José, small village in Lipez where, in 2022, we were the first ever tourists to set foot there. The welcome of these people was incredible, and despite the difficulty to access this village, we will return to provide even more...
By participating in these trips, you are therefore contributing to bettering the lives of many Bolivians, a small gesture that can make a huge difference!


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